Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival Times

Festival pass holders with Thursday pass may enter on Thursday. 

Festival ticket buyers are permitted to enter campgrounds when the tolls open on Friday morning.

Campers may arrive during open toll hours. Campground arrival times are coming soon! 
Wednesday, June 17: Eligible for Early Entry only
Thursday, June 18: Must purchase Steal Your Thursday pass AND Festival pass. 
Friday, June 19: Festival pass entry or Friday-only pass
Saturday, June 20: Festival pass entry or Saturday-only pass
Sunday, June 21: Festival pass entry or Sunday-only pass

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Are bikes allowed?

Bicycles are encouraged so that Festival patrons can use the many beautiful trails on the Oak Ridge Farm property. No bicycles are allowed inside the main venue. No ATVs are allowed at all on the property.

What are the biking rules at the event?

  • You must have a light on the front of the bike when riding after dusk
  • No ATVs at all
  • No bikes in the main concert site
  • Bring a lock! Lockn’ is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage.

What biking activities will be available on-site?

We have over 5 miles of beautiful bike trails available to festival patrons. You can also use your bike to get around the campgrounds. We’ll have bike racks set up at convenient locations throughout the site.

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Box Office Hours

Box Office hours are coming soon! 

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When can I arrive to the campgrounds?

Festival Pass holders who also purchased a “Steal Your Thursday” pass can enter the campgrounds on Thursday or the following days during open toll hours. Festival Pass holders can enter the campgrounds on Friday or the following days during open toll hours. Single-Day campers can enter the day for which their pass is valid, and must exit campgrounds by 10 am the following day. Toll hours are coming soon.

Can I re-enter the campgrounds?

Camping passes are valid for one entry only. Vehicles may NOT re-enter once they exit. Once vehicles are parked, they must remain parked for the weekend. 

What are the different camping options?

All camping options have detailed descriptions and illustrations on the ticket purchase page

Tent-Only Camping: A Tent-Only pass allows you to camp with your car parked in a nearby lot. You can easily camp with your friends and have access to your car via a short walk. Your car will be parked a few hundred yards away. One pass is required per tent, with capacity limited to four people

Car Camping (Multi-Day or Single Night): A Car Camping pass allows a car to be parked in a camping spot with enough room for both a car and your tent. Your camping neighbors will be the people in the cars in front of you and those behind you as you arrive. One car camping pass is required per car, with capacity limited to four people. 

Sober Camping: A limited number of Sober Camping spaces are available on a first-come basis for those who wish to camp with others who respect sobriety. Access for each vehicle in Sober Camping’s special designated area requires a Sober Camping pass, which will be mailed with your ticket order. Share fellowship with other passionate clean and sober music fans who enjoy recovery and music in harmony. We’re liked-minded friends who gather to offer support — and traction — in what might otherwise be a slippery environment for sobriety. Sober Lockn’ will hold daily meetings.

Forest Camping: Forest Camping contains some outstanding but limited tent-only sites in a cleared forest location, with your car parked in a nearby lot. One forest camping pass is required per tent, with capacity limited to four people

RV Camping: RV Camping – Your RV must fit into your designated space (including slides or awnings). Tents, canopies, hammocks, etc. may be set up next to your RV as long as they fit within the designated space. It is a primitive RV site so no dumping stations. A company will empty your holding tanks for a small fee. Please arrive at the festival with a full water tank and bring a portable container. Water will be available for free refills at the Refill station. Power is included so you can plug in and cool down. 30-amp service is included with your GA RV pass purchase. You must bring an adapter if you have a 50 amp plug. One RV camping pass is required per RV, with capacity limited to six people. No companion vehicles in addition to your RV are permitted.

Family Camping: Family Camping is an environment that will be comfortable for those wishing to attend the festival with their families. A limited number of Family Camping passes are available for sale, and will include room for one car to be parked in a camping spot with enough room for both a car and your tent. One Family Camping pass is required per car, with capacity limited to four people.

ADA Camping: We offer accessible camping options including Tent-Only Camping, Car Camping, and RV Camping (subject to availability). By purchasing Accessible camping passes, you represent that you or a member of your party has a disability that requires the features of accessible camping. Lockn’ may investigate the potential misuse of an Accessible pass where there is good cause to believe that such ticket has been purchased fraudulently. For all ADA questions, please email

Which RV size should I purchase?

You have three options: Poppa RV (50’ x 25’), Momma RV (45’ x 20’) and Baby RV (30’ x 20’). Be mindful of the space you require before purchasing. If you do not fit in the space you purchase, you will need to upgrade to a larger space.

Can I park my car next to my RV?

Each RV space is designated for one steering wheel and one motor. No companion vehicles are permitted to park within the RV space unless it pulled a motorless trailer and fits within your purchased footprint. If you have a spare vehicle, you can purchase a 4-day parking pass and park in the day parking lot.

How do I purchase pump outs and clean water refills for my RV?

A service truck will visit each RV campground on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at designated times. You must be present in order to receive the service. The fee for a pump and clean water refill is $80 for Baby and Momma Bear RVs and $100 for Poppa Bear RVs – cash only. You can find the service schedule at the nearest campground services location.

Can I camp with my crew?

If you would like to camp near your friends or family, you  must arrive with each other. Meet up prior to arriving to the festival, so you can be parked together. You will camp next to the people who are arriving at the same time. Place holding or switching locations within the campgrounds is not allowed.

Can I camp in my favorite camping area?

Camping will be assigned in order of arrival on a first-come basis. We are not able to take special requests for camping locations.

Can I come and go into the campgrounds?

Once you are parked within the campgrounds, you are not able to drive within the grounds or re-enter the campgrounds once you exit. Camping passes do no allow re-entry so do not exit until you are ready to leave the Festival.

How many people can camp together?

Campsites are limited to a capacity 4 pass holders and Poppa and Momma RVs are limited to a capacity of 6 pass holders.

Campground Services: Need help?

Visit Campground Services for help, water refilling, phone charging, RV servicing information, ice purchases, and restrooms. Open 24 hours.

General Store: Forget something?

Get your last minute necessities from one of the General Stores located in the campgrounds.

Water Filling: Need hydration?

Stay hydrated with many free water filling stations located throughout the campgrounds and in the venue.

RV Servicing: Need a your tank pumped or refilled?

RV servicing trucks will make rounds each morning. Please alert a truck in your area if you require servicing.

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Concert Site

What are we permitted to bring into the concert site?

Blankets and low back chairs are permitted but behind, or even with, the foh/soundboard only. You may not bring in your own coolers. Per Health Department regulations, no food is allowed to be brought into the Concert Site. Small umbrellas are okay but only behind the sound board. NO tents or shade structures allowed.

Will there be bike racks at the concert site?

Yes. You may leave your bikes at bike racks outside the concert area entry points.

Will we be able to exit the concert area and return to the campgrounds throughout the day?

Yes, guests can come and go from campgrounds to concert site as often as they wish as long as they hold an event ticket.

Are shade structures allowed?

Shade structures are not allowed. You may use a small umbrella, but only behind the sound board.

Are cameras or video cameras allowed in the main concert site or other stage sites?

Yes, small hand held point and shoot cameras only. No additional lenses are acceptable within the concert venue or in the other stage areas. See our prohibited items list for more detail. NO video allowed at all.

Will there be cell service?

Yes. We will have cell towers (COWs) set up including Verizon, AT&T and others TBD

Will there be ATMs on site?

We will have ATMs positioned throughout the event site.

Can we bring water to the show field?

One sealed bottle only. Refillable water bottles are encouraged, but they must be empty upon entering the venue. There will be free waterfill stations on the Show Field.

Where can I charge my phone at the festival?

Virginia is for Music Lovers provides charging stations in the Campgrounds. Visit any Campground Services location to charge up.

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Family & Children

LOCKN’ Festival is a mature audience, and discourages its patrons from bringing young children. This is for the safety of children, parents or guardians, and other patrons.

Anyone 12 years and older must purchase a ticket at full price. A ticketed parent/guardian may bring up to two children (under 12). Parents must bring a copy of their birth certificate or other proof of age (eg., report card) and present this information at the Festival Box Office to receive a wristband for each child. 

If you choose to bring a child, please plan accordingly for large crowds, potential for inclement weather (sun, rain, heat or cold), and loud noises. Hearing protection for young fans is a must. When you arrive to LOCKN’, your child will be issued a wristband which will be registered with his/her parent’s contact information. That way, if your child is separated from you, staff will have a way to contact you. Please also have a family plan to reunite should you get separated.

A limited number of campsites are available in the family campground.

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Lost & Found

Lose something at LOCKN’?

Complete the LOCKN’ Lost Form to report a missing item. That way, LOCKN’ staff can contact you if it’s turned in. At the Festival, stop by the nearest Campground Services location or the Information booth inside the venue to see if it was turned in.

Find something?

Help us reconnect items to their rightful owner. Turn in found items to a staff member at the nearest Campground Services location, or the Information Booth just inside the main entrance to Blue Ridge Bowl.

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Off-site Accommodations

What are the off-site accommodations for LOCKN’?

We are excited to offer many easy and convenient local hotel and shuttle options this year. Visit the Ticket page to see available lodging options. 

How hard/easy to drive in and park each day?

Those guests who stay off site may come and go at will. It is suggested you purchase a Four-Day Parking pass or arrange shuttle / other transportation ahead of time.

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Do you have parking available at LOCKN’?

Yes, parking passes will be available for purchase in 202.


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Sober LOCKN’

Exactly how will people be identified as sober campers?

Upon arrival, display your Sober Camping hang tag on your rear view mirror and festival staff will direct you to the Sober LOCKN’ campground location.

Can sober campers be walk-ins? Some folks are being dropped off outside the gate, and don’t need a car, correct?

There is no tent-only sober area, but we are looking at allowing tents to be pitched without a car in the same Sober LOCKN’ car camp zone, if needed.

What is the cost for sober camping?

The cost is the same. You just need an event ticket and car camping pass if you wish to camp.

I bought a VIP pass. Can I stay in sober camping?

VIP people can camp in Sober LOCKN’ (subject to availability) and still have VIP access. They’ll need to check with the Box Office to be escorted to the Sober LOCKN’ camping location because VIPs have their own entrance. VIP Sober campers will need to purchase a GA car camping pass (same price as VIP Car Camping). There is no VIP-specific Sober camping area.

Some folks can’t arrive until Saturday morning. Can they still access sober camping?

This will be based on availability.

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Any questions about GA Ticketing

Call Front Gate Tickets at this number 888-512-SHOW (7469) or visit They will help you with all ticketing questions.

I have a question about VIP Ticketing.

For all VIP questions, including event tickets, camping hotels and transportation, please contact CID at

How do I register my wristband or sign up for Cashless payments?

On you receive your wristbands, you will be able to register it with the correct attendee name and information for you and your crew. Your festival wristband is your investment and your ticket into LOCKN’, so you’ll want to register to avoid any issues.  Then, you can also sign up for cashless payments for easy check-out at bars, food, merch and showers.

Do you have student tickets?

Yes, we have student tickets for sale in 2020 for a reduced rate. You must present ticket and a student I.D. at the box office in order to receive a wristband.

Do you have military tickets?

Yes, we have military tickets for sale in 2020 for a reduced rate. You must present ticket and a military I.D. at the box office in order to receive a wristband.

Are children free?

Children 12 and under are FREE. They must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and parents must bring a copy of their birth certificate or other proof of age (eg., report card). This applies to GA and VIP. VIP guests will be able to bring their 12 and under children free and enter all VIP areas. All attendees with children must check in at the Box Office upon arrival to receive an access wristband. 

When will I receive my tickets?

Your wristbands for the festival will arrive in the month leading up to the event. Stay tuned for more details about wristbands shipping to be announced closer to the event.

What is LOCKN’s “Steal Your Thursday?”

LOCKN’ is a community of fans with a unique love for both the music of the Grateful Dead and each other. For the festival faithful, LOCKN’s “Steal Your Thursday” add-on is your chance to arrive early, share in that collective experience, and release your inhibitions. Always a highlight of LOCKN’, the Jerry Dance Party kicks off Thursday night, bringing people together to celebrate the music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Plus, local food vendors and craft brews are available for purchase to satisfy your appetite and toast to the good times ahead.

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I am interested in being a volunteer at Lockn’. Are there any opportunities, and who do I contact?

LOCKN’ is a proud partner of Nelson County and Virginia Tourism Corporation, who will invite a limited number of ambassadors to help represent the beautiful state, county and festival in fan services locations throughout the Festival grounds. There are no other volunteer opportunities at LOCKN’ Festival this year.

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Employment Opportunities

At this time, there are no employment opportunities posted at this time. 

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Wristband / Wristband Registration

All LOCKN’ Festival guests will not only be permitted festival entry with their RFID wristband, but will also be able to pay for food, beverages, and merchandise by registering your wristbands and signing up for LOCKN’ Cashless. Check out more info and FAQs regarding wristbands, registration, and LOCKN’ Cashless below.

Wristband Info

So I’m not getting a ticket?

You will receive an RFID wristband that will act as your “ticket” to enter the Festival. Be sure to wear this wristband at all times at the Fest.

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification. Instead of paper-based tickets and food coupons or cash, RFID is the latest technology that allows event entry and Cashless purchases literally at your fingertips… well okay, really at your wrist, but close enough!

What is the benefit of using RFID wristbands?

LOCKN’ Festival goers will benefit from a streamlined and enhanced experience with the RFID wristband this year. With a simple scan of the wrist, it makes for speedier entry, and the opportunity to participate in LOCKN’ Cashless to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise; both of which allows you to spend less time in line, and more time enjoying the Festival!

When will my RFID Festival wristband(s) be shipped?

Wristbands will ship the month leading up to the festival to the address provided at the time of purchase. You will receive a shipment confirmation email and tracking number once they are on the way!

If you have not received your wristband within two (2) days from the event, please contact Front Gate Tickets Customer Service at / 888.512.7469 (SHOW).

What if I moved since I purchased?

Yay on the new digs! To change and/or confirm your shipping address you can:

From the above methods, our ticketing partner, Front Gate Tickets, will update your address if your order has not shipped, and if it is before your event’s shipping deadline of August 10th. Tracking information will be emailed to you when your festival wristband package is on the way.

I received my wristband(s) from Front Gate Tickets, now what?

Awesome! This wristband is your ticket into the festival! Handle your wristband carefully to assure you don’t pull it closed before you put it on, and keep it in a safe place.

Should I put my wristband on now?

Not yet! When you’re ready to attend LOCKN’, place the wristband on your RIGHT wrist and slide the clasp up to where only one finger can fit between the band and your wrist. Tug on the band slightly to assure it is fastened and cannot slide off, but is still comfy.

Can I get my RFID wristband wet?

Wristbands are waterproof and will withstand any showers, hand washing, or swimming pools.

Can I take my wristband off in between days?

No please. Wristbands are non-transferrable and valid for entry for the day(s) indicated on the wristband. Do not remove your wristband until you plan to leave the property for the final time.

Can I mess with my wristband?

No. Do not cut the loose end of the wristband or affect the wristband in any way! Any wristband that has been tampered is VOID and could be confiscated. Treat your wristband like cash – lost, stolen, counterfeit, tampered with, unregistered, and/or confiscated wristbands may not be replaced! Note there is a replacement fee of $20 per wristband should the Festival staff warrant a replacement is necessary.

I’m scared.

It’s cool! If you have any trouble putting on or scanning your wristband, just visit our friendly Festival staff for assistance at the entrance.

We can gladly assist you with Wristband & Cashless Registration at the Box Office or at the Wristband & Cashless Registration station on site as well.

What are the Wristband Policies?

  • All sales are FINAL – no refunds and no exchanges.
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times, and scanned upon entry/exit to the venue.
  • Do not remove between days or tamper with your wristband in any way.
  • Wristbands must be worn securely on your RIGHT wrist, and are non-transferrable.
  • Depending on the circumstance, a replacement wristband may be issued for a $20 fee at the discretion of Festival staff.
  • If your wristband is removed by Festival Security / Staff due to misuse or your mis-conduct, your wristband will not be replaced, and festival ejection or prosecution may also occur.
  • All guests are subject to a vehicle, bag, and personal security inspection upon entry. Any prohibited items will be confiscated.


Do I need to Activate my RFID wristband?

We do all the work to make sure your wristband is activated for proper use and event entry, however we definitely encourage you to REGISTER your wristband specifically to you, and sign up for LOCKN’ Cashless once you receive your wristband in advance, or at the Fest.

What is the benefit of registering my RFID wristband?

Your Festival wristband is your investment and your ticket into LOCKN’, so you’ll want to register it to avoid any issues. In the event you encounter difficulty as you enter or exit the festival grounds, we’ll be able to assist you quickly and better if you’re registered with the wristband specifically tied to you.

What do I do to register my wristband?

Once you receive your wristband shipment, simply go to online in advance. Follow the user-friendly instructions on the screen to enter your wristband’s unique ID #, along with your personal information and emergency contact details, and BOOM!

Then once registered, you will also have the option to link your credit card to your wristband and set up a LOCKN’ Cashless account too, where you can pay for drinks, food, and merch with your Festival wristband all weekend long! LOCKN’ Cashless is free and easy to use with no fees!

How do I know if my wristband was registered successfully?

Once you follow all the registration steps online or onsite, you will see a confirmation page pop up. Once you see that page, you successfully registered your wristband(s), and are good to go! There will be no additional email or steps needed UNLESS you wish to take advantage of the LOCKN’ Cashless payment program and create a quick and easy Cashless account as well.

Someone else purchased my wristband for me… How do you know it’s mine?

That’s another great benefit of registering your wristband to you! In the event you encounter any issues as you enter or exit the festival grounds, we’ll be able to assist you quickly and better if YOU are registered to that specific wristband.

I’m having trouble registering my wristband – help?

Please be sure you entered the correct unique ID number for that wristband, and that you have filled out all the required fields marked with an *.

Make sure you haven’t already registered that wristband under a different account, or a buddy didn’t already do it for you.

If you continue to have registration issues, please contact Front Gate Tickets Customer Service: / 888.512.7469 (SHOW).


What are the LOCKN’ Cashless program benefits?

Save time! No need to carry cash or a credit card! Accepted at all vendors!

How does LOCKN’ Cashless work?

Cashless payment systems operate in a similar manner to credit cards and debit carts. Your LOCKN’ wristband, which is your ticket into the event, is embedded with an electronic RFID chip that will act as your key to not only enter the Festival, but also allow you to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise and the event.

What do I do for LOCKN’ Cashless?

It’s a breeze! You just need to take three simple steps.

  1. First, REGISTER your wristband(s) at online in advance or at the Festival. Then you will also have the option to create an account that links your credit card to your wristband, and set a required PIN for security. Now you’re registered for LOCKN’ Cashless too! Just like that!
  2. Then once you’re at the Festival, just ORDER like usual at any vendor location displaying the LOCKN’ Cashless logo, and let them know you are paying with your wristband.
  3. Then SCAN your wristband with the vendor on their point of sale device, enter your Cashless account PIN, and get back to jammin!

Is it secure?

Yes! LOCKN’ Cashless brings all the same financial security features and protection that you normally have with your linked credit card. You will set a PIN during the sign-up process so no one else will be able to use your wristband or access your LOCKN’ Cashless account without that number. Each transactional total amount (plus any tip if you add it) will automatically be deducted from your linked credit card balance.

Is my credit card information stored on my wristband?

Nope. There is no financial data actually stored on the wristband. The PIN you choose will always be required to make a purchase or adjust your registration, however your actual card number and billing details are nowhere on the physical wristband, so don’t worry about someone snagging your info.

What happens if my wristband is damaged or I lose it?

Once your wristband is on your wrist securely, it will be tough to lose it unless it is cut off or not put on right in the first place. But if it were to be lost somehow, first, don’t panic – we can help! Just visit our friendly Festival staff at the Box Office or a Wristband & Cashless Registration station within the Festival and we can replace the wristband if you registered it. You will have to re-link your credit card to your LOCKN’ Cashless account for security purposes, but then you will be back in action!

If your poor original wristband is out in the world somewhere, no one that finds it can use it and charge to your LOCKN’ Cashless account since they will not have your personal PIN number that you set during registration.

Note there is a $20 fee to replace your wristband regardless of the reason if you lose it or need another one before or during the festival. So keep close tabs on it!

Will my wristband run out of money?

Not unless the card you linked it to does. No pre-determined amounts are actually loaded on the wristband or in your account. It’s simply linked to your credit or debit card, so your LOCKN’ Cashless account spending limit is based on the available credit you have on that registered card. There are no funds tied up outside of your actual spending.

Are there any additional fees for using my LOCKN’ Cashless wristband?

No way! It is free to sign up and use.

Can I link multiple credit or debit cards to my wristband?

No. You can only link a single credit or debit card to your wristband and LOCKN’ Cashless account

Can I link the same card to multiple wristbands?

Yes. If you wish to allow your credit/debit card to be linked to multiple wristbands, you certainly can. Each wristband will require a separate PIN however. Each respective PIN must be entered when using that wristband to purchase anything participating in the LOCKN’ Cashless program at the Festival.

Can I split the cost of something with a friend?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to split the price of a purchase between two wristbands or two LOCKN’ Cashless accounts. Only one wristband can be used per transaction. This is a security feature of the cashless payment program to ensure that only the owner of the wristband is in control of their spending.

Can I still use regular cash and/or credit cards if I don’t want to sign up for the wristband’s cashless payment program?

You sure can! Vendors will accept cash, credit cards, AND Cashless payment options. The choice is yours.

If I sign up for LOCKN’ Cashless, do I HAVE to use it?

Not at all! Whether you choose to make any purchases at all, or if you do, deciding the method of payment to use is ENTIRELY up to you. Even if you plan to make $0 purchases at the event, or plan to start out with cash only, it’s still a good idea to setup a LOCKN’ Cashless account anyway so you have the flexibility and convenience to pay for anything on your wristband once at the Festival, and that sock money is gone.

Can I Register my wristband and sign up for LOCKN’ Cashless at the Festival?

We encourage you to register your wristband and create a Cashless account in advance to maximize its benefits. However, we will also have a Wristband & Cashless Registration station onsite at the Festival to get you set up.

I already Registered my wristband, but didn’t sign up for LOCKN’ Cashless yet… Can I still go back to create a Cashless account?

You sure can! Just visit and re-enter your unique wristband ID # to update / change / create your registration or your Cashless account!

My wristband is registered, but I’m having trouble linking a credit card to sign up for LOCKN’ Cashless?

Double check the desired card hasn’t expired, that the # is entered correctly, that the entered billing info matches what your bank has, and that you’re logged in okay with the correct wristband ID and security code.

If you continue to have Cashless registration issues, you can contact Front Gate Tickets Customer Service in advance for assistance at / 888.512.7469 (SHOW).

Or visit a Wristband & Cashless Registration station onsite at the Festival to create a Cashless account.

What if I don’t have the registered credit card to my Cashless account anymore?

You can revisit in advance to easily update or change your LOCKN’ Cashless account. Or just visit the Wristband & Cashless Registration station at the Festival to update the credit card linked to your account.

Oh man, I forgot my PIN # entered during registration! What do I do?

Whereas we can’t recover your PIN #, (since it’s super-secret and you’re the only one that knows it), we can assist with completely resetting your PIN.

  • If you realize this before the festival or before you make a purchase, you can revisit in advance to easily update or change your LOCKN’ Cashless account. Or just visit the Wristband & Cashless Registration station at the Festival to update the credit card linked to your account.
  • But unfortunately if you forget your PIN mid-purchase on those Nachos, you’ll need to use an alternate method of payment to complete the transaction until you can visit the Wristband & Cashless Registration station at the Fest for assistance resetting your personal PIN.

Is there a limit on how much I spend using Cashless in one transaction?

You can purchase as much as you like from a vendor in one transaction, provided you have enough available credit on your linked card to accommodate the total.

Is it possible for my wristband to be charged more than once for a single purchase?

The RFID point of sale device at each vendor can only process one transaction at a time.

Will I know the total amount to be charged before I enter my PIN?

Absolutely! Once you place your order and scan your wristband on the RFID point of sale device, you will be shown your order and the total value of the transaction.

You can then add a tip, and enter your PIN to complete the charge.

You will then see a success message and the transaction is complete!

What if I don’t want to add a tip?

That’s your call. You can bypass the tip feature or simply enter zero before you punch in your PIN to finalize the total amount and authorize the transaction.

Will I receive a receipt for my Cashless purchases?

You will be emailed a receipt for each transaction, so you can track your spending as you go by checking out your emails.

LOCKN’ Cashless is so cool, but I’m going buck wild! Can I deactivate my Cashless account?

We’re so happy you love the ease and convenience of LOCKN’ Cashless. If you physically can’t stop yourself from waving that wristband around, you can visit the Wristband & Cashless Registration station at the Festival for assistance deactivating your account to curb your spending.

Is The Man watching my every move with this RFID wristband and Cashless payment?

Nah! He’ll just know you’re having a ball with us at LOCKN’ Festival, and that’s all that matters!

Anything else cool I need to know about Wristband & Cashless Registration?

CHECK THIS OUT!! Register for LOCKN’ Cashless by August 20th to be entered for a chance to win 2 LOCKN’ VIP Wristband Upgrades!

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