Founding member of the Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh, turns 80 next year, and we’re planning for a grand celebration.

Returning on June 19-21, we plan to honor Phil in a big way. The music of the Grateful Dead has impacted every aspect of our lives and we don’t know where we’d be without it. Thank you, Phil. We are forever grateful!

1. For the music that gives us strength and helps us through each day!

2. Thank you for giving us moments to enjoy each other.

3. For giving us adventures.

4. The beautiful things that have already happened to us.

5. Shows that are always full of surprises.

6. The music that fuels our experience.

7. The endless supply of wisdom.

8. The ability to change our whole life with one good song.

9. Moments that have inspired us to be our best.

10. Our favorite things.

11. A really good cry.

12. Knowig that we are unconditionally loved and accepted.

13. The impossible, for inspiring us to expand our limits.

14. Hearing good news.

15. All the serendipitous occasions that reminded us never to lose faith in ourselves.

16. The spiritual growth we’ve accomplished (give yourself some credit!)

17. The new friends we’ve yet to meet, and the amazing times we haven’t yet experienced.

18. The one friend we’ve been able to count on through every stage in our lives.

19. Bare feet on grass.

20. The music that got us through hard times.

21. Our dreams.

22. Hope.

23. For dedicating his life to inspiring others.

24. The ability to connect with family and friends over a song.

25. The inspiration that sweeps us out of our comfort zones.

26. The gift of music.

27. That favorite song that keeps us going even when we feel like giving up.

28. Freedom.

29. Reasons to travel the country.

30. An endless supply of music.

31. His natural talents that he was born to share.

32. Humor.

33. For giving us a reason to dance.

34. For creating beauty for others.

35. That help is always on the way.

36. The times he’s reminded us to be playful and adventurous.

37. Hope.

38. The feeling of electricity pulsing through our nerves as the band strikes the first chord of your favorite song.

39. For seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

40. The songs that we can count on to brighten our days.

41. The hugs we have offered and received.

42. Learning how to be present in this moment right now.

43. The comfort of being surrounded by our closest friends.

44. His dedication to psychedelic exploration.

45. For his bass bombs!

46. The many little blessings that make life worthwhile.

47. Grateful knowing that we will always have his music by our side and we would never trade it for the world.

48. Thank you for teaching us about loving ourselves.

49. For kindness.

50. Being thankful for what the future may hold.

51. Memories.

52. For positivity.

53. The love that will see us through.

54. The long strange trip.

55. Teaching us to not lose sight of what’s important in life and to enjoy each moment as best as we can.

56. For showing us that we’re all in this together.

57. For never failing to make our day.

58. Family reunions.

59. Being weird.

60. Imagination.

61. His risk taking.

62. For being different.

63. Giving us something to believe in.

64. For the spontaneous road trips we’ve taken to see the music.

65. That the small things make life worthwhile.

66. For taking time to give thanks.

67. That finding gratitude is a key component of happiness.

68. For living in the moment.

69. For transforming our negative thoughts into positive ones.

70. For the music that has made us a different person physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

71. For the countless stories we’ve heard over the years.

72. That we have the power to make our destiny.

73. For transforming our perception of life.

74. The music that makes us who we are.

75. For being able to take a second and reflect on what makes us happy.

76. Because music is good for the mind, body, and soul.

77. For letting us find happiness in every situation in the most unexpected places.

78. Listening to our favorite song over and over again.

79. For good nights and good mornings.

80. Adrenaline rushes.