Happy Thursday! Bob Weir & RatDog will be mixing it up at Lockn' for 2 Days!

Jan 16, 2014
Happy Thursday! Know that Bob Weir and RatDog will be mixing it up at Lockn' for 2 days. With the exception of a handful of shows, RatDog has basically been on hiatus for the last four years. Expect the unexpected!
With a touring history that has made him one of the most traveled road musicians of all time and a restless music personality that has kept him occupied for over 50 years, Weir knows a thing or two about staying fresh and living in the moment. Although best known as one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead, adding Dead staples such as “Truckin’,” “Sugar Magnolia,” and “Cassidy” to the band’s catalog, Weir obtained a long and affluent music career that has allowed him to do what he loves and share it with others for nearly his entire life. 
A long, strange, very creative trip—and not remotely over. 
Bob Weir & Rat Dog Lockn'
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