ADA GA Tickets are available, please also choose an ADA GA Camping option if desired. Please take some time to read our 2014 Welcome Letter (.pdf) for patrons with Accessibility needs. This letter should answer many of your questions. If you still have questions after reading, please email Thank you!


Details regarding Service Animals.


Arrival Tips


Site Map

Traffic Map


The Main Box Office is on the corner of Diggs Mountain Road & Oak Ridge Road. You may NOT leave tickets at the box office for another person to pick up! 


A parking pass and/or a camping pass is needed for each vehicle parked on the festival grounds, and are available for purchase here. There is also an extensive FAQ section covering Camping and Parking questions.

Only one car is allowed per car camping site. Only one attached companion car is allowed per RV campsite, and must be attached to your RV. Cars and RVs in camping areas must remain parked at the camp site for the duration of the festival. There is no re-entry to these campsites. If you must leave these particular camping areas in your car, when you return you will be asked to purchase a Day Parking ticket and leave your vehicle in Day Parking. You can then walk back to your RV or Car Camping site.

Additional cars arriving with campers must be parked in Day Parking and will be allowed to travel off the festival site.

Motorcycles fall under the same criteria as cars with respect to Parking and Camping. There is a designated motorcycle parking area within general Day Parking. Please purchase a Day Parking pass. You will be directed to the motorcycle parking area.


Contact CID:
Guest Services:
(888) 805-8930
Monday through Friday, 10am - 6pm ET


We have an Info Booth onsite at the Show Field in front of the LOCAL TENT. The Staff there will be prepared to assist you with answers to your questions, along with additional information for both on and offsite activities.


Audience Taping Policy

General audience audio recording is allowed and encouraged at Lockn', with the following conditions and restrictions:

  • Audio recording is allowed in the taping section to the side of the front of house soundboard.
  • No special ticket will be necessary to tape or to access the taper section.
  • No mic stands will be permitted, at any height, in front of the soundboard.
  • Video taping of the performance of any kind is not allowed.
  • Soundboard patches are at the discretion of the band performing at the the moment.
  • All final decisions on any issues not covered here will be at the sole discretion of the Festival Director.

Audio Taping is for non-commercial home use only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All performances are property of the performer(s) and Lockn' Festival, and all rights are reserved. Selling tapes or CDs of music recorded at any of our events is strictly forbidden.



Bicycles are allowed and encouraged so that Festival patrons can use the many trails on the Oak Ridge Farm property. Check out our Bike Programming details! There will also be a Bike Rack area near the entrance to the main event site from the Camping and Day Gates. No Bicycles are allowed inside the main event site/performance area. No ATVs are allowed at all on the property.



GA CAMPING (for VIP CAMPING, scroll down!)

General Admission (GA) Camping has several options:

Tent-Only Camping, $69.00

Car Camping, $89.00

Forest Camping, $169.00

GA RV Camping, $249.00

Every camp site requires a camping pass. You must also hold an event ticket to camp at the Festival. Check out details below, and our Map for locations for each camping type. [NOTE: Current map displayed is an approximate representation based upon Lockn' 2014 and is subject to change.] 

TENT-ONLY CAMPING: GA Camping, good for up to 4 people with one tent, includes separate parking for one car near-by ($69.00). This type of camping allows more freedom to gather with friends arriving at different times to the festival. No Re-Entry. 

Purchase Tent-Only

CAR CAMPING: Camp with your car next to your tent ($89.00). A car camping pass allows one car to be parked in a camping spot with enough room for both one car and one tent. Your camping neighbors will be the people in the car in front of you and those behind you as you arrive at the festival site. If you want to car camp with your Crew, make arrangements to get in line together! Once you park your car in the camping area, it must not be moved for the entire length of the festival. If you have to exit, your car may return to the Day Car Parking area only (buy a Day Car Parking pass).  No Re-Entry. 

Purchase Car Camping

FOREST CAMPING: Forest camping is canopied among healthy trees with a freshly prepared ground surface. GA Camping, good for up to 4 people with one tent, includes separate parking for one car near-by ($169.00). This type of camping allows more freedom to gather with friends arriving at different times to the festival. No Re-Entry. 

Purchase Forest Camping


Campgrounds are close to a shower, bathrooms, hand-washing stations and fresh drinking water. Showers are available for a small fee. There are General Stores and plenty of vendors, so you can easily buy camping supplies. The festival venue is spread over a beautiful, historic 4800 acre farm. Easy walking paths are available, and we strongly encourage bringing a bike to get around. Bike racks will be provided at the event site and other prime locations around the venue. For more Biking details, see here.

Access to the campsites will only be granted if you have bought an event ticket to Lockn' Festival.  Please do not purchase a campsite ticket without first purchasing your ticket to the festival.  Anyone staying in any of the Lockn' Festival campsites must agree to and abide by this rule.  

FAMILY CAMPING: If you would like a spot in the family camping area, please fill out this short FORM and let us know how many cars are in your party and when you plan to arrive. Family Camping is a Car Camping area (MAP), you must purchase a Car Camping pass for each vehicle in your party.

SOBER LOCKN': If you would like a camping spot in the Sober Lockn' area, please purchase a Car Camping pass and let them know you are coming by registering HERE.


See CID's page for VIP camping options - check out the Tent Rentals! These Camping passes are only for those who have purchased VIP tickets, you will camp in the VIP Camping area. 

VIP Daily Parking
Driving to and from the festival each day? A VIP Day Parking Pass is good for the entire four days of the festival. FREE

VIP Tent Only Camping + Day Parking
Planning to camp in a tent? Purchase VIP Tent Only Camping for a campsite in the VIP Campground. These carping passes are for VIP ticket purchasers only. Please note, you will need to walk from VIP Parking to the VIP Campground. $69

VIP Car Camping
Planning to camp on site? Purchase a VIP Car Camping pass to reserve a campsite in the VIP Campground conveniently located next your vehicle. These camping passes are for VIP ticket purchasers only. $89

VIP RV Camping
RV Camping, with 30-amp power hookup: $600
RV Camping with 50-amp power hookup: $689

Purchase VIP Camping


RV's are welcome! An RV Pass is required. It includes 30-amp power hookup. 

Don’t hesitate! RV space is limited, and will sell out. There will be RV designated parking areas in VIP camping and GA camping. Every RV will need an RV Pass, which can be purchased at the same time as your event ticket or separately. GA ticket-holders may not purchase VIP RV passes. An RV requires only one pass, but every person in the RV must possess a festival ticket to enter.

One companion vehicle is allowed per RV, and must be attached to the RV. Extra cars must be parked in Day Parking (Purchase Day Car Parking)

Once your RV is parked, plan to stay put. You may not move to another space, and if you leave, you surrender your space. If you must leave temporarily, you may purchase a Day Car Parking pass and park there upon your return. You may not drive back into your campsite.

Dumping/Filling? In GA, a company on-site will empty your holding tanks for a reasonable fee. For water, please arrive at the event with your RV filled, and bring a portable container to refill. There will be free container refills at the water bottle fill. See our VIP info page for info on VIP RV. 

What qualifies as an RV? If your vehicle is not an RV, bus or pop-up trailer, it cannot park in the RV sections. Box trucks are not permitted at all. No exceptions. An RV is defined as any vehicle equal of, or larger either in length, width or height than an average 15-passenger van (230.8″ x 79.3″ x 82.3″). Any oversized vehicle, trailer, towed camper or bus is considered to be an RV. To gain entry, your RV must fit into a 20′ X 50′ space (including slides or awnings). Tents, canopies, hammocks, etc. may be set up next to your RV as long as they fit within the designated space. (Important: A box truck is not an RV, and are not allowed.)

Purchase GA RV Pass

Purchase VIP RV Pass


Rent an RV and have it waiting for you! These pre-parked RVs will be available in the VIP RV camping areas. Those who choose this program will be able to drive directly up to the designated RV areas and park their vehicle. Festival VIP staff will be there to assist you. A company on-site will empty your holding tanks and refill your water for a reasonable fee. Event tickets must be purchased separately. 

Purchase VIP RV Rentals


Tent rentals will be available in VIP camping. Rent an on-site tent and we'll have it set up for you prior to arrival. Once you arrive at the festival, you will be directed to your tent, where you can park your car close to your tent, move in for the festival, and move out at the end of the festival. Event tickets must be purchased separately.

Purchase Tent Rentals


The Accessible Camping and Accessible Day Parking areas are reserved strictly for patrons with mobility disabilities. Very strictly. A state-issued accessible parking license plate, placard or hangtag is required to use these areas. The Accessible Camping and Accessible Day Parking areas are close to the main event entrance. Email for more information:


Contact Us

To ensure that your inquiry receives a reply, please email the correct department. 


GA ticketing questions: or call 1.800.594.TIXX

VIP ticketing questions:


Our Press Application for 2015 is not available yet. For all questions related to Press/Media email


If you are a business interested in partnering with Lockn', please email


For Sober Lockn' questions email Sean at 


Please email with your questions. Submit your interest in participating on our GET INVOLVED page when that goes live for 2015.


Please email with your questions. Submit your interest in participating on our GET INVOLVED page when that goes live for 2015.


Interested in Volunteering at Lockn'? Submit your application on the website's Volunteer page at "Get Involved" when that goes live for 2015. Questions, email here.


For questions re accessibility / ada concerns, please contact our coordinator at


Submit your interest on the website's Non-Profit/Exhibitor page at "Get Involved" when that goes live for 2015. For Questions, email


Contact Flat 5 Productions at


If your inquiry is not addressed by any of our other contact methods above, then email We will respond as quickly as possible.



Click on the map above to open Google Maps and get specific directions for your location. The Physical Address for GPS is: Oak Ridge Estate, 2300 Oak Ridge Road, Arrington, VA 22922


From Charlottesville, travel 35 miles south on 29S. Look for festival signs after passing the small town of Lovingston.


From Lynchburg, travel 22 miles north on 29N. Look for festival signs.


Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO): 45 miles from Lockn'

Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH): 37 miles from Lockn'

Roanoke-Blacksburg Airport (ROA): 88 miles from Lockn'

Richmond International Airport (RIC): 116 miles from Lockn'





VIP & GA Travel Packages, all inclusive. Wintergreen Resort travel packages include resort guest room, condo or home (all with various bed/room # options) plus your GA or VIP festival tickets, and transportation to/from the festival. 

For Lodging in Nelson County, very close to the Festival, check out this listing of area inns, cabins, lodges and private homes for rent.

For Lodging and Information in surrounding areas:





Augusta County




Parking is not included in the ticket price. The parking options below will be offered during the ticket buying process, or you can purchase separately. This is a per vehicle charge only and we're hoping that it encourages people to car-pool!

PARKING PASSES (& other places you can put your car)

Car Parking - A daily parking pass is good for the entire 4 days of the festival.

Car Camping - A camping pass allows a car to be parked in a camping spot with enough room for both a car and a tent that you bring.

RV Camping - Your RV must fit into a 20' X 50' space (including slides or awnings). Tents, canopies, hammocks, etc. may be set up next to your RV as long as they fit within the designated space. There are no dumping stations. A company will empty your holding tanks and refill your water for a reasonable fee.

Motorcycle Parking - There is designated motorcyle parking close to the event. Purchase a regular Day Car Parking pass, you'll be directed to the motorcyle parking.

Buy Tickets


Prohibited Items

  • Illegal drugs / drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons, including bats, kitchen knives and anything that can be considered a weapon
  • Beer kegs / Unreasonable amounts of alcohol (One (1) case beer / One (1) bottle (plastic) of liquor for patrons that are 21+ is permitted)
  • Fireworks of any kind or size
  • Glass bottles or containers of any kind (This includes, but is not limited to: glass bottles, glass food jars, and anything made of glass.)
  • Unlicensed vending
  • Charcoal or any containers with additional fuel, accelerants, large amounts of propane
  • Bundles of firewood
  • Motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, etc.)
  • No Pets (If a pet is found in your vehicle or camping area, they will be turned away. We have learned from experience that pets, especially dogs, have been trapped in overheated vehicles, bitten people, roamed in packs and been lost, much to the anguish of their owners. These events are not designed for pets.)
  • No box trucks. (All large sized box trucks will be turned away, and be not permitted on the festival site.)
  • No Drones
  • No Chairs on the VIP or other Viewing Platforms
  • No Paper Lanterns (aka Peace Lanterns, Sky Lanterns or other floating lanterns). These are not "green" and they are a danger to farm animals and adjacent lands.
  • No Professional Cameras (ie., those with removable lenses) and No Video At All, without appropriate credentials.

By attending this event, participants consent to their persons and property, including belongings and vehicles, to be searched for prohibited items prior to entering the Lockn' Music Festival. Officials have the right to deny access to any person(s) who do not consent to these searches.


Rockn' to Lockn'

Flat Five Productions & Lockn’ Festival will again host "Rockn’ to Lockn’" for LOCKN' 2015! Each year, we give fans a voice in choosing Virginia talent to showcase at Lockn' Festival. Rockn’ to Lockn’ is a multi-night event, over the course of the summer, with bands winning a coveted performance spot on the Main Stage at Lockn’. Questions? Contact:

Rockn' to Lockn'


Sober Lockn'

Established and staffed by group of passionate music lovers who chose to remain clean and sober at the festival, the Sober Lockn’ tent is open to everyone seeking serenity and fellowship in the midst of all the fun.

Sober Lockn’ isn’t affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, nor any other 12-Step programs. Sober Lockn’ makes no judgment on others’ decisions related to drugs and alcohol, neither condemning nor condoning their use. We’re simply liked-minded music fans who gather to offer support – and help navigate what might otherwise be a slippery environment for sobriety.

Sober Lockn’ holds daily meetings at 12 pm and 4 pm. Just across the street from the festival, Trinity Episcopal Church graciously extends hospitality and provides a tranquil and non-denominational garden environment. At midnight Friday and Saturday (not on Sunday) meetings are held at the Sober Lockn’ tent inside the festival grounds.

Sober Camping sites are available. A special designated area is reserved for those in recovery wishing to share the full Lockn’ experience amongst others with common beliefs and experiences in sobriety. Please purchase a Car Camping pass as Sober Camping is a Car Camping area. See our FAQ page for answers to common Sober Lockn' questions. Sign up for our Sober Camping area. Any questions, email Sean at

Why Sober Lockn’

Need to talk? If you need someone to talk with, that’s why we’re at Sober Lockn’.

In distress? We care, so relax. We’re compassionate people who can provide support in a non-judgmental and confidential manner.

Want connection? So do we. All of our people have experienced a broad range of struggles of their own and are willing to be open about them with you.





We will have shuttle service associated with various Hotel Packages to and from Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Wintergreen Resort.

You can also purchase Shuttle Passes to and from Wintergreen Resort. Email CID at 

There will be a few individual hotels offering Shuttles. More info to come.


Yellow Cab of Charlottesville offers taxi services to and from the Festival. Call 434.295.4131, make reservations online at, OR download the CURB APP to plan your pick-up.  At night, there will be a taxi stand available from 11pm-3am. Grab a few friends and share the ride! CURB (droid) CURB (iTunes)

Call Yellow Cab